CB Radios

Possibly the largest range of legal 80 channel CB's available in the UK.

With the exception of the odd radio that we have found to be unreliable, we stock every CB radio that is legal in the UK.

Because of the small difference in manufacturing costs, no manufacturer now makes 40 channel radios for the UK, all are now either 80 channel or "multistandard".

All the radios have 2 bands of 40 channels each - one band is the original UK 40 (made legal in 1981), the second band is the EU 40 (also known as Mid Band or CEPT). All 80 channel radios are compatible with the older 40 channel UK radios (eg those marked 27/81).

The latest trend is for new radios to be "multi-standard". This means that they are designed for use in almost all EU countries. You select what country you are using the radio in, and the radio will then automatically work only on the channels (and modes) that are legal in that country (eg 80 channel FM in the UK).

All radios are given a pre-sale service before despatch, to ensure that you get the maximum performance you can have. You would be surprised how far off tune many new radios are!  This is why many customers find our radios work better than one bought elsewhere!

To make selection easier, we have now put the different makes of CB's on their own pages.

Click on one of the makes from the list above to see all their models.