Sirio Super-9 Blue Line

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Replacement for Sirio Mythos 9000

Not only good quality but also good looking! This new model is a replacement for the Mythos 9000 and is almost identical except it has a standard stainless steel whip rather than a black one.

This is a very neat mobile antenna with a strong coil and tapered stainless steel whip.

Supplied with complete with DV (swivel) mount and 4m coax lead.

Note:  cable does not have a PL259 plug fitted. It is left blank so you can feed it through the vehicle.

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* CB & 10M mobile antenna
* Tunable from 27 - 28.5MHz
* 17/7PH Tapered Stainless steel whip
* 180° Adjustable whip
* Detachable for car-wash
* Safety set is also enclosed
* Type - Base loaded
* Frequency Range: 27 - 28.5MHz
* Impedance: 50 Ohms
* Polarization: Linear Vertical
* Bandwidth at SWR ≤ 2: ≥ 1900 KHz (170 channel)
* Maximum Power: 35W continuous, 250W short time 
* Mount: Standard "N" Type
* Cable Length: 4m of RG58 cable (Supplied)
* Materials: Brass, Copper, Nylon & Stainless Steel
* Height (Approx): 1550mm
* Weight (Approx): 420gms
* Mounting Hole: Ø 12.5 mm
Total Length 1.55m
Coil length 70mm
Coil diameter 30mm
Frequency 27-28.5MHz
Max Power 250W
Fitting DV