Sirio Twin-Log

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3ft 4ft & 5ft Versions in stock

Parallel Connected Twin Wire For High Power Handling

A new high power fibreglass antenna, featuring twin wire logarithmic loading.

The heavy duty twin winding allows it to handle up to 1000W continuous, and the swr is easily adjusted using the tuning tip.

These remind me of a heavy duty version of the DX-27 antenna from the 80's!

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Electrical Data:
Type: Twin wire - logarithmic loaded
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Linear vertical
Frequency range: 26.7 … 27.7 MHz Tunable
Systems: CB 27MHz
Bandwidth: ≥ 1.5MHz @ SWR ≤ 2
Max Power: 1000 Watts (CW) continuous, 3000 Watts (CW) short time
Connector: 3/8'' Thread
Mechanical Data:
Materials: Copper, Chromed brass, Stainless steel, Fiberglass
Height (approx): 1475 mm / 4.84 ft
Weight (approx): 390 gr / 0.86 lb
Mounting type: 3/8'' Thread