17.5ft Stainless Steel Telescopic Antenna

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A very long stainless steel Telescopic whip which is tuneable from 14MHz-70MHz.

Simply adjust to length for the desired frequency.

Ideal as a temporary antenna used static, it is not suitable for using while driving.

The Whip is terminated in a 3/8 thread so it may be used on any conventional 3/8 mount and is 5.25m extended and 76cm collapsed making it a very versatile antenna.

Below are guide lengths but they rely on a good ground plane or counterpoise.

Suggested lengths for Bands:

70MHz (4 metres) 101.5cm

50MHz (6 Metres) 141.1cm

28MHz (10 Metres) 250cm

27MHz (11 Metres) 258.6cm

24MHz (12 Metres) 286.1cm

21MHz (15 Metres) 336.9cm

14MHz (20 Metres) 505.3cm