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Digital Noise Reduction Microphone

The President DigiMike is designed to work with all modern President radios that have a 6 pin microphone socket.

It is designed to make your transmission as clear as possible by eliminating  background noise using it's digital Noise Reduction Circuit.

It is powered directly from your radio - no battery is required.

Download Instructions by clicking here.

The DIGIMIKE microphone is designed to make your modulation as clear as possible in all modes (AM/FM/SSB) by eliminating the background noise. In order to optimize the performance of your DIGIMIKE NRC microphone (NRC: Noise Reduction Circuit), please carefully read the user's manual and note the following points:

Key Features/Specifications:

  • NRC = Noise Reduction Circuit
  • NRC Levels
  • Up/Down Function
  • Type: Electret
  • Connector: 6 Pin President Wiring
  • The filtering level from 1 to 5 (maximum level) must be fixed with your correspondent (DURING ANY QSO) who will confirm the optimal sound balance.
  • Keep the DIGIMIKE at a minimum distance of 10 cm (4 inches), and avoid direct contact between the DIGIMIKE and your mouth.
  • The DIGIMIKE will also work optimally with VOX usage (if your CB radio is equipped with the VOX feature)